Camhide 50 Vinyl

Primer plano de una superficie de vinilo rojo con textura

Mandarin Red

Camhide 50 Vinyl for Heavy-Duty Applications

100% Virgin Vinyl

Backing: Polyester spun knit fabric

Width: 54 inches

Weight: 30 oz/lineal yard

Thickness: 50 mils of an inch

Roll Size: 40 Yards

Tensile Strength: 60 x 45 lbs minimum

Tear Strength: 16 x 14 lbs minimum

Flammability: CA Tech, Bulletin 117, Section E

UV Stabilized: 300 Hrs

Abrasion: Heavy Duty Wyzenbeek

Crocking Resistance: Rating Good, Wet and Dry CFFA-7

Suggested Applications: Automotive, Furniture and others

Camhide 50

Contempora Alabster-1

Contempora Alabaster

Contempora Chestnut-19

Contempora Chestnut

Coronado Acoraza M.T-15

Coronado Acorazado

Coronado ocher-3

Coronado Ocher

Coronado Royal Blue-14

Coronado Royal Blue

Coronado Sky Blue-16

Coronado Sky Blue

Foto 20-10-19 17 34 45

Coronado Tanino

Elk Buckskin-13

Elk Buckskin


Elk Honey Bee

Laredo Buckskin-20

Laredo Buckskin

Laredo Fuego-27

Laredo Fuego

Laredo Garnet-24

Laredo Garnet

Laredo Lemon Yellow-8

Laredo Lemon Yellow

Foto 20-10-19 17 09 14

Laredo Licorice

Caredo Palomino-4

Laredo Palomino

Laredo Russet-26

Laredo Russet

Oxen Burgandy-21

Oxen Burgandy

Oxen Spruce-7

Oxen Spruce

Ranchero Spicy Brown-17

Ranchero Spicy Brown

Wallaby Beige-9

Wallaby beige

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Wallaby Black

Wallaby Marron-10

Wallaby Marron

Wallaby Cameli-18

Wallaby Camel

Wallaby Char Gray-11

Wallaby Char Gray

Wallaby Jadestone-6

Wallaby Jadestone

Foto 20-10-19 17 16 10

Wallaby Off White

Wallaby Olimpic Burgandy-25

Wallaby Olimpic Burgandy

Wallaby Red-22

Wallaby Red

Wallaby Saddle-12

Wallaby Saddle

Foto 20-10-19 17 33 29

Contempora Ebony

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