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    During the long summer days, it is common to find the surfaces HOT from the sun, this causes us Discomfort when we sitting

    Dark colors are the most affected

    Car seats with black leather and white stitching, along with a detail of a seat with red and black leather and red stitching

    Our vinyl offers reflective technology, even compared to white vinyl.

    Representación de flechas amarillas reflejadas en una superficie negra para mostrar la reflexión lumínica.

    White colors

    Illustration of yellow arrows representing light reflection on a black surface.

    Maclin Technology in black colors

    Heat radiation (NIR) is Reflected by Maclin’s technology up to 9 Times obtaining a Total Solar Reflectance Measurement (TSR) of up to 5 Times!

    Graph from Maclin's R&D lab showing up to 23% heat reduction when comparing black colors with Cool Wallaby marine DK Graphite according to ASTM 4803-97 standard.

    All this gives us a 23% reduction in temperatura (16ºC  Reduction)

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